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Exhibit in Honor of Black History Month at Cecy's Gallery & Studios

Visitors are invited to view the current exhibit at Cecy's Gallery featuring seven Black artists, most of whom are currently living and working in Durham, NC. Featured artists include:

Calvin Brett: an outsider artist who has been making art for 10 years.

Kia Caldwell, owner of Vitória Global Fashion: specializing in unique handcrafted jewelry by international women artisans. On special exhibit in the Gallery are jewelry pieces made with Brazilian Golden Grass, a rare, naturally gold-colored plant.

Afro Folk Art & Photography by freedom clay: a visual creative with an emphasis on Afro Folk Art. freedom clay hopes his work will continue to interrogate and provoke wonder in the viewer, inspire life-affirming and critical conversations while addressing, responding or reacting to disparate sociopolitical and cultural issues involving human equity, race, class, gender, stigma and sexuality.

Je'wel: At 19 years old, Je'wel has been painting with acrylics for four years with an emphasis on Black subject matter.

Athelius Pearson: Pearson has painted for 20 years and specializes in three styles of artwork: Oil on Canvas, Abstract Acrylic on Canvas, and Acrylic on Hand Polished Copper. His artwork represents Family, Culture and History.

Ralph Thomas: a self-taught portrait artist whose paintings blend a folk art approach with fine art technique.

David Wilson: a Durham artist known for murals and art installations which celebrate African-American history and culture. On special exhibit at Cecy's are Wilson's major mixed media and collage pieces.

All works are available for purchase.